90 Design
100 Construction supervision
95 Facility
95 Project management

3D Skills

95 Modeling
90 Lighting
95 Shading-texturing
100 Post-prod

Arch. Stefano Scarioni

I’ve been dealing with design and project management in the food industry, residential, commercial / tertiary and industrial / artisan for over 10 years, both in new building and renovation, following the entire building process from its genesis design to executive realization.
Each project is based on technical, economic and environmental sustainability. It presents a conscious architecture, adopting the attention and care to details such as the founding and fundamental principles.

I also develop my strong passion for everything that concerns 2D and 3D graphics, render and photorealistic visualizations.
My CG skills developed along with my experiences as a professional architect, through the creation of presentation brochures, photorealistic renders helping the contextualization and promotion of projects, as well as the production of eye-catching and strong emotional impact designs and layouts.

The core of my specialization was obviously the ArchViz world, focused mainly on the development of three-dimensional models designed for photographic overlapping and interior previsualizations.
Lately I approached the open source world, and I currently use Blender as the only application for 3D modeling, rendering and post-prod, with professional quality results.

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