On november the 30th 2017 in Milan the Citylife Shopping District has opened, the largest urban shopping district in Italy, a truly unique place for you to shop and enjoy your free time and lifestyle activities in a modern, spacious environment.
Linked together by a pedestrian pathway, the double-story shopping complex, large central square and open air promenade bring together more than one hundred retail premises for a complete customer experience: 80 stores, 1 supermarket, 20 restaurants and bars and 7 movie theater screens with a total of 1,200 seats.

Inside the food court, among the more titled brands of food industry, Panino Giusto opened his new store, wich I gladly contributed to realize as the construction supervisor.


I’ve been dealing with design and project management in the food industry, residential, commercial / tertiary and industrial / artisan for over 10 years, both in new construction and renovation, following the entire building process from its genesis design to executive realization.

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