After less than one year since stefanoscarioni.com was first published I realized that the nature of the contents, the services provided and mainly the audience to whom it is addessedneed needed a smarter, more appealing and more immediate structure.
That’s why I decided it was time for a massive restyling
The site is completely new, with new contents and services and is designed to provide a fast, full and complete browsing experience.

100% Mobile friendly

Mobile browsing granted:whether you’re on a tablet or smartphone, any contents will be properly shown.
This site was cleverly designed to adapt and change it’s layout depending on your screen size and the used device.
You can test it now: try to resize your browser and watch how the site changes it’s layout.

Filter portfolio

The Portfolio section has been integrated with the essential filter feature wich allows you to sort the contents in real time according to their categories.
Images will be automatically redistributed into the page.

If you have any suggestion for improvement, please write a comment below.
Enjoy the site!!

Stefano Scarioni


I’ve been dealing with design and project management in the food industry, residential, commercial / tertiary and industrial / artisan for over 10 years, both in new construction and renovation, following the entire building process from its genesis design to executive realization.

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